4 Sep

Big preparations soon at the boat shed.
On the Fifteenth of September, we’re going to start to remove the boat shed, unless we get an unlikely reprieve from Ernie Boch Jr.
My nature is to welcome change. It would be more convenient to have the shed up for a couple of more months, but, life unfolds as it does. The main issue will be to keep electricity to the tools.
The work continues. Bill Thompson is installing bungs almost as fast as Wayne is making them.
Wayne’s made a remarkable recovery. His ribs are not healed enough for him to sleep through the night, yet he’s been standing at the drill press for hours at a time, slogging through yet another tedious task. I thought making up 700 or so bronze bolts was the test of his patience.
Our young friend and intern Ben Benjamin Guggenheim has reached a milestone in his writing career, as he’s had an article accepted by the Gazette. Look for it soon. It describes the mentoring process from the point of view of the mentor, who he competently interviewed, but then went on to share the unique insight of the mentee, at the age where mentorship is most impactful.
He shared the article with me, and the glowing acceptance e-mail from Julia Wells. All in all, a great accomplishment. Ben is sixteen, and this is his second summer with the Seeker.
Duane is think in the worst of the caulking, once again sitting barefoot and cross legged on the pebble ground under the boat, caulking over his head.
I remember Flyer, telling me how lucky I was that I missed the caulking of a barge. I feel a debt of gratitude to Duane Case for his stolid performance. I don’t know any other caulker who would have worked under such conditions.
Meanwhile, I’m working on the teak companionway thresholds, door frames, doors and sliding hatches. Normally this would come much later in the process, but as I don’t have the white pine decking as yet, I have man choices of what projects to tackle.
Jonah has just about finished the copper caps to the Sampson posts.
Still smiling.

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