7 Sep

Yesterday was a good day.
Skylar and Dillon, the twins who have been such an integral part of the story of the Seeker, Jonah, myself and Tim, father of the twins, went to Provincetown.
We first stopped at Chuck Cole’s house. Well, not exactly, you see, Chuck Cole doesn’t live in a house, he lives in a world so different and so amazingly organic that I don’t have the writing skills to describe it. Just think sprawling hobbit architecture, organic, gardens, goats, imaginative, fluid, surprising.
Nice Job on the Block Island Boat.
Then we visited had lunch at the organic restaurant across from Lands End Marine, that begins with a G. Love that place.
From there we visited Flyer. It was a moment both gentle and deep. Skylar, Dillon, and Jonah sat on the floor, I on a low stool, Tim to the side, as Flyer reminisced about his experience at Herschoff’s boat yard during WWII.
It was a pleasure to listen to a man who has seen so much. He was animated as he talked of the West End Racing Club, a haven for children he started so many decades ago. His love of the town, and the fishing fleet, long decimated, took me back many years, when I was just a few years older than the twins, to my first meeting with Flyer, as I rebuilt the Southern Cross with Dennis Jones on the Sheik Aresta’s beach. So many memories, Flyer and I have had a dance that has encompassed my entire adult life, and, knowing that this visit will be one of the last, filled me not with sadness, but with admiration and determination to live out my life keeping in his footsteps. One could do worse than have Flyer a mentor.
I know the town has, for the most part, forgotten Flyer. He’s a treasure, and if his story was told he’d be a national treasure. My love for him is deep. His mark on my life deeper. Whatever it is that I bring to those in my life, and whatever I may have or will accomplish is due in part to Flyer. He’ll turn 99 this coming Tuesday.
I wish the day could have been longer, I didn’t get to visit Joe Andrews, or Avis, so, I’ll be back before the weather turns.
We left the twins at the entrance to the dunes as they begin a journey, trekking up cape, by land and canoe, an exploration and a time of discovery.
Like I said, it yesterday was a good day.

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