11 Sep

Seeker Update:
Sunday, Paul Antonelli and several volunteers, one of whom was a French sailor, cleaned, raked and manicured the site. Major thanks for the selfless, relatively gloryless work. It helps.
Have been working on the teak companionway hatch assemblies. A lot of planing, gluing, sanding, and precise fitting, but also a lot of fun. Today we worked on fitting the roofs on the affixed hatch houses while also sanding the glued-up sliding hatch covers. Dick will undoubtedly provide photos.
Still waiting for the Boch world to get back to me on the ongoing negotiations for a departure date. The twins, Styler and Dillon, made it back from their trek along the back shore of the cape where they hiked and canoed from the Provincetown Dune entrance at the East End of town, all the way to Chatham.
They had adventures.
Our newest intern, Jessica, spent the day with Bill Thompson, installing bungs on the Starboard side bottom. The port side is all bunged, and the starboard side about half. Meanwhile, Caulker, Duane Case is working his way up the Starboard side.
Speaking of Duane, not to be a pain in the ass, but, we’re low on funds and are short of funds for his latest bill. Anyone who’d like to contribute, our website: seekerthescow.com is Paypal ready.

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