12 Sep

Seeker update,
I wanted to speak more about funding.
The Seeker is a project that requires all or nothing. I knew that from the beginning. Every month, I spend all of my resources.
That doesn’t bother me. Money comes and goes like the tide.
Some extremely good news on the donation front occurred last week when friends, a philanthropic couple, donated $5,000.00 towards planking the deck. When someone donates to a specific purpose, I consider it a sacred trust that the money goes there, and only there. So that money is going to Duke at New England Naval Timbers, for old-growth white pine decking.
The reality is, however, that this is crunch time as far as the caulking goes.
Duane is a professional caulker. There are few enough of them, and I don’t know any that would tackle the Seeker, sitting all day on the ground, as there is no room for the typical caulkers stool. Also, Duane needs to break for a month to complete some maintenance projects on the boat he so beautifully built. So we don’t want to lose him for the short window, a couple of weeks, that will finish the bottom.
Meanwhile, the above mentioned couple are peers and friends with the unique population of philanthropists who give so generously to the islands non-profits, without whom we would lose many cherished cultural venues, as well as infrastructure we take for granted such as the hospital and the YMCA, all built with many millions of dollars donated by the above. Said couple who prefer to remain anonymous, have committed to encourage their friends to “Come aboard.”
Meanwhile, David White, executive director of the yard, is also working hard to bring funds to the Seeker, an unusual act of generosity as most directors of non-profits are very protective of their donor pool.
In addition, Artie Wahlberg, the oldest brother of the famous Wahlberg family has been a great friend of the Seeker project, and is bringing the project to a family run foundation that Mark Wahlberg started.
With all of this support, I’m confident the Seeker will stay on schedule.
However, it’s been the small donations, at least $5,000.00 of which have appeared in our donation box and Paypal at seekerthescow.com, that have kept the project afloat this summer, donations by people of ordinary means who simply love the project.
I thought It important to give a clearer picture of how the Seeker will be funded.
Regarding the politics that surround the Seeker, I don’t spend my time on concern. I believe all parties will continue to demonstrate generosity and reasonableness.

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