15 Sep

Update on Seeker,
The four entry way hatches are almost complete, as we finished the fourth sliding hatch today. Instead of drop boards, I’m making doors. We started milling on the doors today, and I think I can get them glued up tomorrow.
More good news is we’re going to pick up the old-growth white pine for the decking this week, if things go well. That’s a milestone. I’ve finally been able to obtain some of the funds to secure this unusual and almost impossible to obtain decking material. First, old growth trees, hundreds of years old, are almost completely unavailable. Second, they have to have been cut several years prior, and have had to been cut three inches thick to be useful for my purposes.
Luckily, Duke, of New England Naval timbers is not only a logger, but an absolute expert in boat lumber, and has done all of the above, quarter-sawing it as icing on the cake. Quarter sawn old-growth white pine decking is something out of the distant past.
The summer is winding down, and with it will go Jonah, a gift not only to the Seeker, but to the island. I don’t think of him as a young man whom I’ve mentored, but as a young man I’ve privileged to have as a friend.
tomorrow Bill Thompson has signed on the sand the bottom, removing the excess bungs as well as smoothing it in the same way he planed it.
I’ll be sorry to lose Bill also. He’s been a great asset, and he also has become a friend.
Wayne will be back. I know he’ll be glad that we have all the cypress bungs we need, but now, we’ll need white pine bungs. We do have another fellow, our 81 year old boat builder, Tom, who is patient like Wayne, and has the distinction of working on a scow on both coasts, as he has bone maintenance work on the scow Alma, out of San Francisco.
Duane Case is heading down the home stretch with the bottom planking on the Starboard side.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

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