17 Sep

Seeker update:
Jessica left yesterday. She was only here a couple of weeks, but left an indelible impression. She worked on the Seeker, joined our improv dance group and smoked our work out. Terrific person and a formidable athlete.
Bill Thomson leaves Thursday, but not before he goes, let’s review his contribution to the Seeker. He single handed planed the entire bottom of the Seeker, installed thousands of bungs, sanded off the bungs and then sanded the whole bottom, helped install the centerboard trunk, and was available for every task with great competence and a smile. His good nature is only matched by his strength and endurance. His contribution is big.
Jonah leaves on Sunday, and I will miss him. His willing hands, sharp sense of humor, easy nature, brilliant conversation, facile intellect and avid curiosity makes him a hard act to follow.
The fall is on it’s way, and the task is now to get the deck on before cold weather. Wayne Sweezy comes back on the 19th, and the Dillon and Skyler will continue their internship through the school year.
Lots of teak joinery going on. I’m sure Dick will have some great new photos tomorrow.

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